Private Schools

17 Jan

Private Schools don’t have to be expensive and often offer partial to full scholarships based upon each schools offerings, endowment, and if you start saving a little money each month from when your baby is born, you too can afford a private school education for your child.

Private schools offer many benefits to children and something that you need to take note of when touring or researching are:

  • Student / Teacher ratio
  • Classroom sizes
  • Tuition costs and scholarship information
  • Extra-curricular activities (sports, clubs, honors classes, AP Courses, etc)
  • What are the athletic options as some smaller private schools have limited sports programs
  • College placement & matriculation (for high schools)

Check out Private School Review (here you can search by state, city, & type of school)

Check out GreatSchools (here you can read parents’ reviews on private as well as public schools)

Check out Boarding School Review (many boarding schools provide scholarships to reduce their tuition cost (partial or full)and can offer students many options for children’s education often gearing them towards exceptional college placement)


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