18 Jan

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Homeschooling is NOT for everyone, it will take discipline, dedication, time management, organization & a commitment from BOTH the child (student) and the parent  (teacher).

It is important to recognize that when adequate studies are not provided it is the child that suffers. I stress this because I saw first hand what happens when people home school and do not actually teach their children. When I was in the 6th grade we had a family that enrolled their children in my school and the mother had previously home-schooled the children, rather than focusing on their education though she assigned a lesson plan then went to the hospital and worked as nurse, she rarely ever checked to see if the children were doing their studies. Her daughter came to my school was 12 years old and placed in the 1st grade, as you see it is the child who suffers when parents don’t take homeschooling serious.

What to look for when homeschooling:

  • A curriculum your comfortable with (religious, rigorous, on-line format, mix and match programs)
  • Is geared toward earning a H.S. diploma
  • Will help the child prepare for standardized tests for college entrance (ACT, SAT)
  • Has some support features built in (like lesson plans, calendars)
  • Consider networking with other home schooling parents in your community to provide your child with peer interaction

Here are some sites to get you more familiar with homeschooling and the many options available to you and your child:

Home Life Academy

Let’s Homeschool




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