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19 Jan

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I am posting here some resources for homeschooling curriculum as I know this can be a daunting task and probably the hardest decision about homeschooling. Your worried about picking the best curriculum for your child, unlike when they’re enrolled in public or private schools which make the curriculum selection for all children. This is your opportunity to pick and customize a learning program tailored to your child. Obviously, you have to meet all state educational guidelines, but home schooling you can choose to mix and match curriculum or buy all of it from one publisher. Here’s the key to homeschooling you may learn that you love 1 subject from 1 brand and and not its entire curriculum and that’s okay.

Some options to consider:

Time 4 Learning  –  an online web based curriculum which is affordable (starting at $19.95 month for 1 child + $14.95 for each thereafter) and very easy to work with for the parent (lesson plans that are straight forward)

A Beka  – is a full curriculum often used at many private, Christian schools, they have a full home school curriculum parents can order either an entire grade, or just the subject desired (here is a way to integrate the two above if desired)

Alpha Omega Publications encompasses more than 1 brand of homeschooling , both online and hard copy versions

Singapore Mathematics  – Its more than math, it also has other subjects but many home  school parents like this curriculum because it really teaches math well. Children often end up being able to demonstrate advanced math techniques. Don’t worry if you child isn’t starting this program in Kindergarten, and is switching from another, they have a guideline and placement test for your child.

BJU PressThey offer programs from Pre-K to the 12th grade.

RightStart MathOffers homeschooling students a more visual approach to math.

BHI Spell to Write to Read  – Many parents enjoy this wonderful program to help and students often are able to read above grade level


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