Baby Massage

26 Jan

  Photo Source

Massaging baby is very important its good for emotional bonding and helps them sleep better. (Maybe a few more hours for you to get some sleep to 🙂

Here’s some tips to give your baby a great massage:

  • Remove any rings
  • Make sure your nails are short and clean – to prevent scratching baby
  • Make sure your hands are warm
  • If you use an oil – make sure its a natural one lacking any artificial fragrance (think Coconut, Olive, or Jojoba Oil)
  • Make sure the massage is gently, don’t exert to much pressure on the baby
  • Don’t put oil on the babies hands or face (to make sure baby avoids putting it in her/his eyes)
  • Massage in circles for the chest & back – this will help break up congestion as well
  • Avoid massaging around any open cuts, scratches or the umbilical cord until it has healed
  • Make sure to dress baby immediately after the massage

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