Get your Credit Score for FREE

27 Jan

As many of you know Credit Scores are an important factor in obtaining a loan, and having a good credit score will help you get a loan with a lower interest rate therefore a lower monthly payment (car, house, personal loan, etc.).

So, today I wanted to discuss with you about obtaining your free credit report

  • First of all, EVERYONE is entitled to 1 Free credit score 1 time a year
  • You need to know how to get your free score in order to check it without it costing you a dime (too many programs charge you to see your score, or debit a monthly subscription charge). Here is how I get mine COMPLETELY FREE
  • Go to myFICO
  • Create an account (if your a returning customer you will just Log-In after the first time)
  • Then Select to Get your Free Fico Score (this will automatically enroll you in Score Watch which will COST $14.95 month if not cancelled within 10 days, minimum of 3 months)
  • You will now be able to view & print your credit score and report
  • After you have printed your credit score & report from 1,2 or all 3 credit bureaus, you need to cancel your subscription to Score Watch
  • I have NEVER had a problem canceling (you have 10 days to do so, this never is a problem for me I always have cancelled within 3 days since I just view and print all my reports I have no need for Score Watch)
  • How to Cancel is simple: Go to your account and Click on “Support Center” then select “Cancel my Subscription to Score Watch”
  • Understand once you cancel you will NO longer have ACCESS to your credit score & report so please print them beforehand
  • Then either call or use the online form to cancel, I have always used the online form and have never had any trouble (I have used this for several years and have never been billed once)
  • This here is the On-line form

The reason I do not pay for Score Watch or any other score monitoring company that charges is I use Credit Karma – its a web based, online completely free program that gives you a real financial snapshot and it provides you with a credit score and your report. You can log into your account and check your credit score as often as you want and it’s totally free.

I really hope these resources helps you and your family  (tell your friends too) to get on the right track to financial know-how and empowerment.



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