Home schooling & Social Skills

1 Feb


Home schooling can provide a great education for your child, no doubt the class room size would be much smaller than any public school and they won’t have to compete with many other students for individual help / attention with their schoolwork. I also love home schooling because if its not in your budget to send your child to a private school you can still create a custom tailored curriculum for your child for a lot less money and it will most likely supersede the education at your local public school (unless your school is in the top 100 of the nation’s public schools  I completely understand why you would want to home school your child, even then only you are truly vested in the child’s future like no other.)

However, a challenge to home schooling has been and continues to be a lack of social activities and interaction for the child. Siblings are an added benefit over being an only child, but the child still needs to learn how to interact with others outside of his/her family. Developing social skills and self confidence is very important, so here are a few tips to help your child have a social life while home schooling.

  • Make sure to sign them up for a sport in your local community (research local kid / teen leagues for your child to play on that are unaffiliated with a school)
  • Consider taking younger children to the library during movie viewings & group reading classes
  • Consider having your child involved at the local YMCA (often there are many classes for children / youth to attend in a variety of subjects, athletics, and there is also a summer camp that they can attend: day or away)
  • If you attend church, get your child involved in the group for their age (youth, pre-teen, etc.)
  • Consider your kid joining the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
  • Take them to the park (its free)
  • Go out once in awhile to a restaurant themed for kids (Chuck e Cheeses) where they can play with other kids their own age, who they don’t know

That’s enough for now I hope this will encourage you to see the opportunities for your child to be socially active


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