2 Methods to Perfect Finances

2 Feb

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In order to have the best financial future it takes budgeting and saving. The best way, sorry I have 2 methods because there is no one size fits all approach to achieve optimal financial success.

Here is 2 great methods used:

  • All Cash Method
  • The Pay in Full Credit Card Approach

Obviously, these are completely different methods but both work well you just have to determine which method works better for your family.

The All Cash Method is an approach to paying all your bills with cash (after all cash is King)you will create a budget and then pay all your bills with cash. For items like a mortgage or car payment you will mail a check, but otherwise all other purchases are paid in cash (groceries, clothes, entertainment, eating out) this method requires not using credit cards to help prevent people from going into debt. If you struggle to pay credit card payments on time or always pay the minimum payment this method is for you. If your looking for help to get started check out this site

The Pay in Full Credit Card Approach is an approach exactly as it sounds you pay all your bills on your credit card (with the exception of the ones that can’t be paid by credit card: mortgage, car payment). This means dining out, groceries, gym memberships, entertainment, shopping, you name it, you pay it on the credit card. Then when you get your statement you immediately pay off the entire balance. This method works well ONLY if you COMMIT to paying off the the ENTIRE balance each month. It does helps track all of your bills / purchases in one place.


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  1. Mint – Free Finance Software « Endless Baby - February 19, 2012

    […] Part of having a stress free family (especially with a baby in the house), is being organized and on top of your finances So, here I am giving you a suggestion, try Mint – its the online, free software to help track all your money in 1 place. You can start this anytime, its free and I think you will really enjoy having a better look at your finances. Remember that you can control your finances so don’t let money be an overwhelming stress to track and manage. I love Mint because its free and able to fit in everyone’ s budget including single moms. Check out these other tips I have for managing your finances including your free credit score, getting organized, and quick tips for money management. […]

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