Baby Showers Savings

2 Feb

Baby Showers can be so fun and exciting but often people are stumped for new ideas on how to throw a Baby Shower without breaking the bank or buying a bunch of hoopla they don’t need or won’t enjoy. Well, I am no salesperson at a party store so I can steer you in the right direction. These tips are to help you save money, I will be writing several more entries on Baby Showers (to include things like food, gifts, etc)

As long as you know the sex of the baby then this will help in decorating (blue/green or pink/lavender themes). Lets discuss some strategies:

Venue: It is ideal to have at a family or friend’s house (because it won’t cost you money to reserve a room). Too many people waste money renting a room at a local restaurant, hotel, or association club and this money could be better used elsewhere. 

Decorations / Theme: As long as you know the baby’s gender go ahead and decorate accordingly. Blue/Green for a boy and Pink/Lavender for a girl if keeping to a tight budget. The party is supposed to fun and lighthearted keep in mind when decorating. Don’t go overboard on spending money on expensive decorations. You need Balloons in the colors for the baby. Cheap idea go online search images for baby items (bottles, storks, diapers, etc) then print them off, cut them out and glue them to a cardboard backing, then adhere to the walls or punch a hole and hang.

Themed Parties: A themed party can be great fun, but I highly suggest if your having a themed baby shower (not pink/lavender or blue/green) but think owls,animals, princess, sports, etc. that you check out several places online before hand to price compare I assure prices can vary greatly then compare those to your local party store.

Flowers: Make sure to have some type of flower the mommy to be likes or incorporate colored flowers into the design – buy fresh white flowers (especially carnations or daisies) and then color them Pink or Blue learn how to here

Coordinating: Make sure to have a sign-in sheet so that way mom is able to keep this list afterwards

Photography: Whoever has a good camera needs to set this up ahead of time – remember to take photos of items beforehand to save yourself the trouble during the party so you can enjoy yourself more (cake or cookies can be photographed, as well as all decorations and have all the girls who are there ahead of the mom to be take a group photo together). If you have a tri-pod set it up as well.

Need some resources I hope these will help you, till my next writing on Baby Showers:

Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower



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