Baby Diaper Cream by Dimpleskins

4 Feb

  Photo Source

Today, I am bringing you Dimpleskins Naturals’ Baby Bum Bum Balm.

This product is organic, cruelty free, and great for babies plus you can read all the ingredients on their website no more having to worry about what’s in the product.

For those of you who cloth diaper this cream is extra special, because its Zinc free (now Zinc Oxide is an amazing ingredient, and its the one ingredient that you should be using in your sun protection / SPF) however for those cloth diapering Zinc can often be an ingredient that is harder to rinse out in the wash, often leaving behind a residue, or trapping soil behind.

Not a cloth diaper-er no worries – this cream works great for all babies and all diapers.

It comes in 2 sizes 1/2 oz for $4.50 and 2 oz for $12.00




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