Baby Shower Gifts

20 Feb

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Baby shower gifts are always easier for the guests if they know the gender of the baby. However, there are plenty of gift options to give in case you don’t know the baby’s gender. Either way it’s important to give a gift that is useful, having a baby is a joy, but there are a lot of expenses so try and buy something that will be useful for the mom to be and will be something her or the baby will benefit from having.

Remember when going to someone’s baby shower there is NO amount of money you have to spend, only bring something you can afford to bring and don’t feel bad because of it. Gifts have no minimum or maximum price, the price of the gift will vary for each person based on their budget, circumstances, and relationship with the mom to be.

Here is a list of potential items to buy for a baby shower – no particular order of preference as you will see there is plenty of options for all budgets. I do recommend all natural or organic products for babies (okay, really everyone) remember the skin is our LARGEST ORGAN, and just because its natural or organic does not mean its expensive.

  • Go for the basics – diapers (buy more than 1 size)
  • Onesies – shop around for a good price – buy them in white (or color if you know the baby’s gender)
  • Do not buy items the baby really doesn’t need (lots of toys, or shoes) young babies can’t crawl, let alone walk they don’t need shoes. And people spend so much $ on toys for a new born and it’s a big waste of money.
  • Buy items which are disposable (meaning items mom will use, re-use and it will be gone) think baby wash, shampoo, etc. Here are some favorites: Cradle Scalp Rub, Diaper Cream, Baby Care Package
  • Do not purchase clothes for the baby in size Newborn, this is such a waste of money some babies outgrow the clothes in a couple weeks and now the new mom has a bunch of clothes to re-sell or donate. Buy the 3-6 month clothes for all newborns (better a little larger than tight)
  • Go for baby bottles, pacifiers, diaper bag, or wet/dry bags
  • If you want to make something consider buying fabric and making inexpensive baby washcloths I recommend this tutorial

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