Modern Nursery on a Budget

22 Feb

Modern nurseries can be so beautiful, there are so many countless options on how to do a modern nursery, but one thing persists that modern nursery furnishings can often be quite pricey. When looking around so many items are more expensive than the non-modern counterparts. If you love a modern nursery know that it can be within reach as long as you do some research and planning.

My very first tip for shopping (this can extend beyond nursery furniture, I do it with all my furniture shopping) is bring your camera. Take a photo of the item, then jot down the dimensions (height, width, depth – and what way a door swings) and the price.  This will help because often people tend to buy whatever they come across first, thinking they won’t find anything else they like.

These photos should serve as some inexpensive modern nursery inspiration, to help you build the nursery of your dreams.

First up the Sundvik crib from Ikea it retails for $119.00 its white which is great for both genders and works with so many color schemes

   Photo Source

Go to a fabric store, like JoAnn’s pick some modern fabric patterns and then re-upholster an old chair for your nursery. An old chair in a style you like can look completely different when re-upholstered, so pick a comfortable chair because with new fabric it will take on a whole new life. Choose to re-upholster an ottoman (no sharp edges) as well it will be great to put your feet up and will also be extra soft down the road when baby is crawling / standing in his/her nursery.

   Photo Source

Next tackle paint – try something creative by painting wide stripes in a horizontal pattern or vertical if you don’t have tall ceilings

  Photo Source

Consider using items that aren’t labeled “baby” this will keep the price down – one example is to buy some modern wall shelves to then display photos of baby or buy picture frames (wood not plastic) then spray paint them any color you like go for modern colors to pick up the overall color theme within your nursery.

    Photo Source

For storage buy items that are affordable and already modern in design – this is especially important if you have a 1 bedroom place, or if your using a den to be the baby’s nursery in lieu of a 2nd bedroom this is fine, except for normally the lack of closet.

This wardrobe can be used as a great baby’s closet for those rooms without any. It’s the Stuva from Ikea and retails for $222.00

  Photo Source

Well, I really hope this post has encouraged you to tackle an affordable modern nursery.


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