Owl Decorations & Accessories

29 Feb

Owls are so cute and smart and don’t they just look adorable in a nursery. Now sometimes its hard to think outside traditional nursery themes so today I am featuring owls. Look to these pictures to create your dream nursery.

First up is this owl clock featured on Etsy it costs $68.00 but it can stay with your child a lifetime because its not getting used and worn out

   Photo Source

Try a mural on the wall it can really brighten up a nursery and add some flare to the room – just research “owl nursery murals / decals” I have also seen them pretty cheap in my local mall that has a decal and accessories store

   Photo Source
Next up consider this cute little owl stuffed toy (comes in Blue, Green & Pink and costs $7.00)  from Etsy

   Photo Source

Remember you can go as bold or subtle with a theme as you want – consider Lamp 1 as Bold and Lamp 2 as subtle

    Photo SourceThis Lamp retails for $138.00 at Rosenberry Rooms

Or maybe you desire a more subtle lamp from West Elm which retails for $99.00

   Photo Source


next up is an easy DIY project (and cheap) make your own Owl Cork Board to post baby’s photos on in the nursery, its relatively simple just search how to cover a cork board with fabric and then of course you can use the owl fabric of your choice

consider buying some fabric organizers to store diapers, baby wash, wash cloths, etc. These look so cute in the owl patterns and later on you can store books in them when your child is older.

   Photo Source – You can buy these on Etsy from Baffin Bags

Hope this inspires you create one Hoot of a Nursery!





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