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Wooden Letters for Bedroom

27 Mar

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Are you looking for letters that can be used in your baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom?

Here at Craft Cuts you can buy any letters to spell out a name (Anthony or Angela ) or maybe a room’s purpose (laundry). You can choose from a variety of painted, unpainted, and hanging letters.


Teaching Children the Value of Money

26 Mar

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Money is something everyone could use more of most days, however teaching children the value of money, hard work, and budgeting at a young age will most certainly help them succeed in life. These resources I believe can help children and teens learn an appreciation for money and to be wise with it. 

These books and tools are good for children home schooled and non-home schooled. For children that are home schooled it could easily be incorporated into an additional daily / weekly math lesson.

The Motley Fool: Investment Guide for Teens 

Dave Ramsey’s: Home Schooling 

Dave Ramsey’s: For Children ( ages 3 to 12)  and for Teens

and make sure to read this article written on Simple Organized Living they have a well written article on children’s finances 

Green Cleaning

23 Mar

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Green cleaning is better as a whole both for the environment and for your health. If you haven’t gone green yet I highly suggest you start, sooner rather than later and of course if your not pregnant yet now is the time to start go going. One of the simplest ways to go green is to buy green cleaning products, now since not all green products are made equal I have listed a few below. 

Seventh Generation– rewards program here

Mrs. Meyers

Ecover  – they even have coupons

Make sure to purchase a couple different cleaning options

Green cleaning will be so much healthier for you and your baby. If money’s tight consider making some of your own cleaning mixtures with natural ingredients: lemons, peroxide, white vinegar, ACV castile soap, and other items are very affordable and often are some of the best cleaning ingredients we have straight from nature.

Building an Emergency Fund

22 Mar

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Without a budget people have the idea that they’re doing better than they actually are, unfortunately many people are in worse financial shape than even they realize especially because people often don’t have enough liquid assets (aka cash reserves or savings.)  Its no surprise why its confusing all the “experts” use different percentages and ratios look at how they stack up:

Gail Vaz- Oxlade : “10% monthly income goes to savings” – often seen on Till Debt Do Us Part

Dave Ramsey:  ” 3 – 6 month emergency savings, invest 15% of income into Roth IRAs & Pre-Tax retirement”

Suze Orman: “8 month emergency fund”

And many more people use different ratios, first off lets start with, everyone needs an emergency fund we can all agree with that. In this economy, with little job growth, a soft real estate market and  such uncertainty you need more of an emergency fund not less. All emergency funds need to be able to cover all your monthly bills for X period of time (I personally agree with Suze Orman and 8 months is much more realistic in this economy)

An emergency fund needs to be funded: gather all your monthly bills (categorize these bills by priority 1 & 2 I will teach you below my system for this) and make sure once you’ve figured out the amount of bills you have monthly then multiply them e.g. total monthly income $4,000. and total bills $3,500 this means you need $3,500 X 8 months = $28,000 (emergency fund – I suggest you get a free savings account at your present bank or use an online higher interest savings account from HSBC or ING and immediately set-up  automatic with drawls every month to force savings)

Priority 1 Bills: (Bills that MUST be paid & could hurt you if gone unpaid)

Your Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance (for a home)

Student Loans (these are RARELY ever discharged in Bankruptcy so you need to keep paying them)

Bills that keep you and your family living: Food, Water, Electric / Gas (these are all essentials)

Priority 2 Bills: (These are bills you have that are NOT MUSTS however when working your family is able to afford these bills) aka know as the wants not needs of bills / debts. – These are cable TV, high speed internet, lawn cutting service, house cleaning services, car detailing, these are expenses that your family can afford during normal working conditions but are items that can & should be cut during times of unemployment.


Baby Diaper Bag

19 Mar

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Are you in search for the perfect baby bag? Something sturdy, will fit plenty of stuff, and yet be able to be used from one child to another. This bag while not technically a diaper bag I think it could work much better than most out there on the market. It also comes in a variety of color options and the ability to monogram. Finally, you can also choose the size: small, medium, large, or extra large. 

Beautiful Colorful Dresses

18 Mar

Often pregnant women find it harder than ever to look fashionable NOT frumpy. Pregnancy clothes can pose this challenge due to cuts, colors, and of course you want to look like your pregnant not a sack. So enjoy some of these beautiful dresses which can be perfect for date night with a spouse, an afternoon with girlfriends, or for entertaining at home.

First off this orange is just beautiful, but if you love bold colors your going to love this one for sure

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This dress is available from A Pea In the Pod and retails for $150.00

Another option is this dress from Motherhood Maternity it retails for $29.99 plus their having a B1G1 sale talk about great savings! This dress is great because it has both black & blue in it so you can easily pair it with a colorful scarf or sweater to coordinate.

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If purple is a favorite of yours feel free to check this one out from once again A Pea in the Pod it retails for $108.00

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Another more affordable option in pink is this one from Motherhood Maternity which retails for $36.98

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Pregnancy Essentials from Whole Foods Blog

17 Mar

So today I was reading this article on the W.F. Blog and it got me wondering what are your pregnancy essentials, please post a comment and share one thing or a few things that you just couldn’t live without during pregnancy.

Baby Play Yard

8 Mar

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Why are baby play yards great? So many parents debate if they should buy one- let me tell you if you have the extra cash buying a play yard or play pen can be great. If money is tight go ahead and hold off I am betting you can find one at local garage sales or Craigslist just be patient and you will eventually find one real cheap. You can purchase the one I featured above on Amazon. For those of you wondering how much use you’ll get of it then I suggest these uses:

  1. Its great to set up at family & friends houses when visiting whose homes aren’t baby proofed
  2. It lets baby play in a safe space while your cooking family meals
  3. A play yard is great because you can set it up in any room or move around the house as needed
  4. Also, allows you to have time to sit with a book while baby plays in your living/family room together
  5. Helps Mommy Bloggers to type while baby is in the same room with her and still has an ability to see baby being safe and having fun

Bumbo Baby Seat

7 Mar

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Here is the Bumbo Baby seat which is very popular with parents because it helps babies sit up and interact more with their family. Read more about it here and look at the many colors it comes in. It is easy to keep clean and carry along to grandparents and friends houses.

Bathing Safety for Baby

5 Mar

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Having fun while getting clean in the tub can be great fun for baby, so today I am sharing a few ways to keep baby safe while getting clean and which will make any mom or dad happy. Here are 2 inexpensive items to use when your bathing baby.


Spout Cover  – Spout covers help protect baby from the hard metal spout

Drain Stopper – Helps keep baby’s fingers safe and keeps water sealed from draining

Another suggestion is to get a safety slip resistant mat for both inside & outside the bath, approximately 120 children 4 and under each day are hurt in bathing related accidents.