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Keeping a Nursery Inexpensive

25 Apr

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With the economy as bad as it is and the unemployment rate not improving I think its most important to remember what babies need versus want and what they need is love, good health, and a few basic essentials to keep them safe while sleeping, eating, bathing and playing. Today’s article features some basic ways to maximize savings and have a wonderful nursery. I am sure this will work within everyone’s budget:

  • Paint – it really does wonders to a wall and for very little $, plus I love paint because its a simple DIY project (consider taping the wall for some stripes) – shop around for price just make sure the paint is NO VOC in the nursery.
  • Consider buying any item on sale and repainting it yourself – if you find the perfect lamp, chair, dresser at some estate/garage sale feel – just sand and spray paint it sometimes people will spend more $ on an item that is the perfect color and it can really add to the price of your nursery
  • Don’t buy expensive crib bedding – look for sales I always say start shopping as soon as possible so you have the longest amount of time to find the best bargains
  • Consider buying used clothes  there’s no shame in go to your local thrift store and buying lots of baby clothes on sale there, also check out the Goodwill and Salvation Army their baby clothes are very inexpensive make sure the clothes have no rips, holes, tares, or stains.
  • Consider using an adult’s dresser and just adhering the changing topper to it for a cheap changing table then when baby outgrows it you can remove it and still use it
  • As far as decorating goes pick a color scheme is easier to find bargains then let’s say a specific theme (Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh)
  • If your having a baby shower a hint people who told their guests the sex of the baby ahead of time were more likely to receive lots of clothes, onesies, socks, etc. Moms to be who said they were keeping the sex unknown (at least to guests even if the mom/dad to be knew) received less clothes and more diapers, baby car seat, high chair, etc. Why? Because most women going to a baby shower hate to buy the green/yellow neutral colors requested for “unknown” sex they rather buy that cute little pink dress or blue coat.
  • Don’t buy things labeled “baby” because often they are overpriced (e.g. The Diaper Genie and what not, if you want a trash pale in the babies room a simple stainless one like this will do just fine)

Please share anything you did for your baby’s nursery that you saved money on


One Blogger’s Special Nursery

24 Apr

I am so glad to share today’s news with you I was reading Bucket List Publications (Lesley and her husband have the most amazing photos on their blog from traveling all over the globe) and I wanted to share her nursery with you. She and her husband have a baby girl named Athena and this little girl has one beautiful nursery. If your wondering why I am sharing this its simple: I want you to realize any nursery can be the nursery of your dreams if you plan it out, get creative and are enthusiastic about the whole project.

 The color inspiration is hot pink and green read more here and see amazing photos as well.

Baby and Toddler Food

20 Apr

Being the parent of a new baby or a toddler can always pose questions about feeding. Whether you decide to start off by nursing baby or formula whichever is your personal preference you will also have to make the decision when baby starts eating whether you will buy prepared food (baby jars and containers) or will you make home made baby food. Obviously, homemade is more nutritious because many store bought items have fillers (water, sugar, etc.) Don’t let making baby and toddler food scare you off and it actually will help you save money. First off when children are younger this is the prime time to get them used to eating lots of veggies and fruits. Why? Because you can steer their palate by avoiding things like cookies, chips, sodas and junk food giving them optimal nutrition for a strong and healthy growing mind and body. Here are some books which you can browse to help get you started:

The Baby and Toddler Cookbook

Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook

The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet

Top 100 Baby Purees

The links should help get you started all of them will open in Amazon so you can read the reviews, you can also compare prices against Barnes and Nobles.

The Dishwasher and its Many Uses

18 Apr

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You have a cleaning machine in your home one you’ve probably used for dishes and glassware however being a busy mom or dad there is so much more this dishwasher can clean. I read this article on Simple Organized Living and I must tell you, yes some of the items washed made me laugh. I hope sharing this with you will help save you some time cleaning and more time with your family.

Sippy Cups with Straws

17 Apr

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Is your child progressing? Maybe its time to try the straw sippy cups.

Read this article and see for yourself which one might work best for your tot.

Conceiving and Fertility

15 Apr

Today I am featuring some books about conception, it can be very hard for couples trying to conceive that really need and want to have a child and yet they are having trouble getting pregnant. Also, many women are having children later in life which can play an important role as well. Whatever the reason here are a books you should read whether your having a hard time conceiving your first child or another child I hope these books will help you.The first step to helping yourself though is to REDUCE STRESS. This may seem overly simple but I personally knew someone who had a daughter who was my age and waited 15 years before she had  her second child and no she didn’t have IVF or a surrogate she was able to conceive naturally, carry full term and deliver (why you ask well she had a high stress job, she went from one miscarriage to another and its was all very tolling on her both physically and emotionally eventually she switched jobs and reduced her stress and she did get pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl.) Stress is a real problem it can affect ones ability to get pregnant, also make sure to be eating healthy, taking proper nutritional supplements, and consider alternative medicine (be open minded and see an acupuncturist.)  All the books below I posted are available via some stores like Barnes and Nobles may carry them as well however I felt you should be able to read reviews and check the prices to see which ones interest you.

Making Babies

The Infertility Cure

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Restoring Fertility

The Fertility Diet

Not only will these books possibly help you but also read about FertiliTea (which is good for women trying to conceive) Read this blogger’s post about conception here




Aden + Anais

12 Apr

Aden + Anais is a business started by Raegan Moya-Jones, she created her own line of Muslin baby wraps, cloths, sheets and more!

Aden + Anais has quickly grown to become a favorite among moms and celebrities and you can understand why Muslin is a wonderful fabric (natural fabrics all trump synthetic ones- especially where babies are concerned). For those of you who can’t afford an Aden + Anais baby wrap its no big deal they’re rather inexpensive and pretty easy to make. I offered below some links on how to make your own, if your not handy I suggest buying your favorite Muslin fabric from the local fabric store or online and then asking other women at your church, school or mommy and me group  for help or pay them to make it for you. For those of you looking to make your own Aden and Anais baby wraps are made of 100 % pure muslin they measure a perfect square 47 ”  by 47 “. Below I suggested an online retailer to find some material as well in case your local fabric store doesn’t have any.

Cotton Bubble Gauze

How to make a muslin swaddler


What’s the One thing you splurged on in your baby’s nursery?

10 Apr

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Nurseries are those things that some parents go overboard and buy every single gadget and end up not using most of it, there’s of course  the tried and true products each parent needs (crib, car seat, high chair) and other parents are overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to them. Obviously nurseries can be done on very affordable budgets and some parents are very diligent about sticking to a budget others don’t even know the term budget exists (and no I don’t mean the wealthy, normally its people who just go to the store and keep buying every new thing they see.)

Is there one thing that stands out in your mind that you splurged on in the nursery?

Was it worth it, I know the term splurge is obviously relative so I was hoping you would share what the item was, how much it cost and if you had to all over again would you buy it again. I am hoping this will be helpful to other parents so please share your comments below.


Top 100 Newborn Essentials

10 Apr

Your pregnant – Congratulations!

Whether this is your first child or fifth doesn’t matter I am sharing this list because I hope it proves helpful to some of you, parents who already have a child are fortunate enough to probably have some of the essentials still from their last baby. Here goes the Top 100 Newborn Essentials 

P.S. if you have used any of these products before please comment and share with us what ones you bought that you did or didn’t like or if you know a place to find some items at a discount

Bras for Pregnant & Nursing Moms

6 Apr

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The other day I was in Burlington and stopped by the “Baby Depot” section. I picked up one of their complementary magazines Baby Talk. You can get the issues for free just stop by your local Burlington Depot store and pick up a free magazine then send in the card inside for your free subscription. While reading the magazine I came across these bras that were featured for pregnant/nursing moms.

Here they are: