What’s the One thing you splurged on in your baby’s nursery?

10 Apr

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Nurseries are those things that some parents go overboard and buy every single gadget and end up not using most of it, there’s of course  the tried and true products each parent needs (crib, car seat, high chair) and other parents are overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to them. Obviously nurseries can be done on very affordable budgets and some parents are very diligent about sticking to a budget others don’t even know the term budget exists (and no I don’t mean the wealthy, normally its people who just go to the store and keep buying every new thing they see.)

Is there one thing that stands out in your mind that you splurged on in the nursery?

Was it worth it, I know the term splurge is obviously relative so I was hoping you would share what the item was, how much it cost and if you had to all over again would you buy it again. I am hoping this will be helpful to other parents so please share your comments below.



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