Conceiving and Fertility

15 Apr

Today I am featuring some books about conception, it can be very hard for couples trying to conceive that really need and want to have a child and yet they are having trouble getting pregnant. Also, many women are having children later in life which can play an important role as well. Whatever the reason here are a books you should read whether your having a hard time conceiving your first child or another child I hope these books will help you.The first step to helping yourself though is to REDUCE STRESS. This may seem overly simple but I personally knew someone who had a daughter who was my age and waited 15 years before she had  her second child and no she didn’t have IVF or a surrogate she was able to conceive naturally, carry full term and deliver (why you ask well she had a high stress job, she went from one miscarriage to another and its was all very tolling on her both physically and emotionally eventually she switched jobs and reduced her stress and she did get pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl.) Stress is a real problem it can affect ones ability to get pregnant, also make sure to be eating healthy, taking proper nutritional supplements, and consider alternative medicine (be open minded and see an acupuncturist.)  All the books below I posted are available via some stores like Barnes and Nobles may carry them as well however I felt you should be able to read reviews and check the prices to see which ones interest you.

Making Babies

The Infertility Cure

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Restoring Fertility

The Fertility Diet

Not only will these books possibly help you but also read about FertiliTea (which is good for women trying to conceive) Read this blogger’s post about conception here





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