Bento Laptop Lunches

2 May

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Kids need healthy lunches to help give their brains the strength the focus on their studies and their muscles the ability to partake in school sports. The solution – check out these Bento Box Laptop Lunches

Often parents resort to the trusty sandwich because they feel they have no other options, since many schools don’t allow kids to heat up lunches (this would make it hard to pack leftovers from dinner the night before.)   And what’s not to love about these lunch containers: they’re made in the USA, free of toxic substances, recyclable and made to last, plus they’re easy to keep clean. Why should you purchase these for our kids:

  • They can use them at school but you can also use them during family outings like picnics, at the parks, camping, etc.
  • You get to customize each kit (so you can color code them to each child so you can easily identify each child’s lunch)
  • Great for long car rides when your visiting family & friends save money on the drive thru and pack their lunches for that road trip
  • They’re great for toddlers going to daycare or PreK4 programs

Looking to save time this link provides you a weekly lunch menu for creative ideas

I hope this will help inspire you to take charge of your child’s nutrition and not resort to those crappy school lunches!


One Response to “Bento Laptop Lunches”

  1. auntie k May 10, 2012 at 2:15 PM #

    I love this! It’s like a 5 in 1! I need to get this for my sister, it’ll be a lifesaver for her!

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