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Free Videos

7 Aug

Quickly I wanted to update you about a free video resource. You can search by category or topic and they are all available online to view (just like the one I shared the other day about Sesame Street and Utensils)


Watch This Video With Kids on Eating Utensils

6 Aug

Looking for a way to teach your little how to use their utensils. Well I came across this kid friendly Sesame Street lesson – isn’t it cute?

Free Educational Resources & 17,000 Free Downloads!

5 Aug

Its safe to say that one of my favorite things is to help share free resources because I think people in general are so unaware how many completely free resources exist out there. Also I know plenty of people really don’t know how to search and find the free resources that are out there so they’re left out of ever getting to use them because they don’t know how or where to look.

Go here to view what interests you and to be able to download the FREE Resources.

Also please note things like the Online math – provide free grading  but if you click on the online math you can also choose the option to work offline which will open the worksheet in your browser and allow you to print it.

Free Illustrated Books and Flashcards

3 Aug

Here’s some more handy resources that are completely free! In my search of free endless resources I have compiled a list of two more items that I think will make you happy. These illustrated books and flashcards are completely free you download and print whatever ones interest you and your little. I found this great site which specializes in educational materials and they offer several free items which I feel is great especially with today’s economy and tighter budgets. 

Learning Tools for You Little Ones (for Free)

2 Aug

HI Everybody, I am sorry my updates have been a little slow and far between this past month but I assure you I have lots of good postings coming up. First off I decided that since kids will be starting school again pretty soon (bummer I don’t know where the summer has gone I am shocked its 8/2 when writing this) I decided to feature some items for those of you who are  home school parents or just parents looking for extra resources to develop your little ones mind beyond the classroom or to get them better prepared for K5 even if you can’t afford a traditional PK-4 program. So here goes:

Alphabet Posters A-Z download here

Handwriting Practice Sheets download here – I know you can purchase these in the store but here there free 

Number Posters 1-5 download here

Number Posters 6 -10 download here

Number Posters 11 – 15 download here

Number Posters 16 -20 download here


Free Printables for You

13 Jul

Hi Everybody, I hope all of you are having a great summer! I am sharing with you today some FREE printables they are created by Lindsey over at Pretty Darn Cute Designs (she is a professional website & blog designer) and Mom & Wife writer. These are so cute and I think that you will get much use out of the 12 month printables, things to do and bill organizer all of which are free and the others she has only cost $5.00    

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

1 Jul

Here’s what your little one is looking for (and just doesn’t know it yet) – personally I think bed time stories are a great way to help children wind down from the day and go to sleep. So feel free after washing faces, brushing teeth follow it with a lavender bath and then go ahead have your little one put on their pajamas and read them one of these classic fairy tales while laying in bed. Reading together at night will allow for more bonding time with your child and less stimulation form the television or other distractions. I recommend this book whether its for your child, grandchildren or a gift.

This book includes the following: Enchanted Stag; Twelve Brothers; Puss in Boots; Jack and the Beanstalk; Princess on the Pea; Ugly Duckling; Light Princess; Beauty and the Beast; Hansel and Gretel; Jack the Giant Killer; Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor; Story of Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp. Illustrated with 8 engravings by Mary Hamilton Frye. Hamilton Wright Mabie (1846-1916) was an American essayist, editor, critic, and lecturer.

Belabumbum Lotus Nursing Chemise

24 May

  photo source

Why this chemise? Its the perfect night gown length and has the ability to detach the straps for nursing mothers. Its also comes in sizes S – XL and 3 colors. It has easy clips for drop down nursing cups and pretty lace trim.

Baby and Toddler Food

20 Apr

Being the parent of a new baby or a toddler can always pose questions about feeding. Whether you decide to start off by nursing baby or formula whichever is your personal preference you will also have to make the decision when baby starts eating whether you will buy prepared food (baby jars and containers) or will you make home made baby food. Obviously, homemade is more nutritious because many store bought items have fillers (water, sugar, etc.) Don’t let making baby and toddler food scare you off and it actually will help you save money. First off when children are younger this is the prime time to get them used to eating lots of veggies and fruits. Why? Because you can steer their palate by avoiding things like cookies, chips, sodas and junk food giving them optimal nutrition for a strong and healthy growing mind and body. Here are some books which you can browse to help get you started:

The Baby and Toddler Cookbook

Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook

The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet

Top 100 Baby Purees

The links should help get you started all of them will open in Amazon so you can read the reviews, you can also compare prices against Barnes and Nobles.

Conceiving and Fertility

15 Apr

Today I am featuring some books about conception, it can be very hard for couples trying to conceive that really need and want to have a child and yet they are having trouble getting pregnant. Also, many women are having children later in life which can play an important role as well. Whatever the reason here are a books you should read whether your having a hard time conceiving your first child or another child I hope these books will help you.The first step to helping yourself though is to REDUCE STRESS. This may seem overly simple but I personally knew someone who had a daughter who was my age and waited 15 years before she had  her second child and no she didn’t have IVF or a surrogate she was able to conceive naturally, carry full term and deliver (why you ask well she had a high stress job, she went from one miscarriage to another and its was all very tolling on her both physically and emotionally eventually she switched jobs and reduced her stress and she did get pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl.) Stress is a real problem it can affect ones ability to get pregnant, also make sure to be eating healthy, taking proper nutritional supplements, and consider alternative medicine (be open minded and see an acupuncturist.)  All the books below I posted are available via some stores like Barnes and Nobles may carry them as well however I felt you should be able to read reviews and check the prices to see which ones interest you.

Making Babies

The Infertility Cure

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Restoring Fertility

The Fertility Diet

Not only will these books possibly help you but also read about FertiliTea (which is good for women trying to conceive) Read this blogger’s post about conception here