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Free Videos

7 Aug

Quickly I wanted to update you about a free video resource. You can search by category or topic and they are all available online to view (just like the one I shared the other day about Sesame Street and Utensils)


Watch This Video With Kids on Eating Utensils

6 Aug

Looking for a way to teach your little how to use their utensils. Well I came across this kid friendly Sesame Street lesson – isn’t it cute?

Free Educational Resources & 17,000 Free Downloads!

5 Aug

Its safe to say that one of my favorite things is to help share free resources because I think people in general are so unaware how many completely free resources exist out there. Also I know plenty of people really don’t know how to search and find the free resources that are out there so they’re left out of ever getting to use them because they don’t know how or where to look.

Go here to view what interests you and to be able to download the FREE Resources.

Also please note things like the Online math – provide free grading  but if you click on the online math you can also choose the option to work offline which will open the worksheet in your browser and allow you to print it.

Free Illustrated Books and Flashcards

3 Aug

Here’s some more handy resources that are completely free! In my search of free endless resources I have compiled a list of two more items that I think will make you happy. These illustrated books and flashcards are completely free you download and print whatever ones interest you and your little. I found this great site which specializes in educational materials and they offer several free items which I feel is great especially with today’s economy and tighter budgets. 

Learning Tools for You Little Ones (for Free)

2 Aug

HI Everybody, I am sorry my updates have been a little slow and far between this past month but I assure you I have lots of good postings coming up. First off I decided that since kids will be starting school again pretty soon (bummer I don’t know where the summer has gone I am shocked its 8/2 when writing this) I decided to feature some items for those of you who are  home school parents or just parents looking for extra resources to develop your little ones mind beyond the classroom or to get them better prepared for K5 even if you can’t afford a traditional PK-4 program. So here goes:

Alphabet Posters A-Z download here

Handwriting Practice Sheets download here – I know you can purchase these in the store but here there free 

Number Posters 1-5 download here

Number Posters 6 -10 download here

Number Posters 11 – 15 download here

Number Posters 16 -20 download here


Great Books to Supplement Curriculum

8 May

  photo source

Are you looking for some great resources to help teach your child outside of their present curriculum?

Maybe your looking for a more in-depth learning or perhaps just to have some additional resources to pull from. These books are perfect for both the home schooled child or school educated child. Many parents have found these books easy enough to use at home for children that might have struggled with classroom instruction.

The Blue Back Speller by Noah Webster – for  5 generations this book was used in schools to help teach children to read & write

McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers by William McGuffey – many parents have used these books to help teach their children to read when they were struggling learning in class room techniques

Math Fables by Greg Tang – helps children learn beyond just counting



Bento Laptop Lunches

2 May

  photo source

Kids need healthy lunches to help give their brains the strength the focus on their studies and their muscles the ability to partake in school sports. The solution – check out these Bento Box Laptop Lunches

Often parents resort to the trusty sandwich because they feel they have no other options, since many schools don’t allow kids to heat up lunches (this would make it hard to pack leftovers from dinner the night before.)   And what’s not to love about these lunch containers: they’re made in the USA, free of toxic substances, recyclable and made to last, plus they’re easy to keep clean. Why should you purchase these for our kids:

  • They can use them at school but you can also use them during family outings like picnics, at the parks, camping, etc.
  • You get to customize each kit (so you can color code them to each child so you can easily identify each child’s lunch)
  • Great for long car rides when your visiting family & friends save money on the drive thru and pack their lunches for that road trip
  • They’re great for toddlers going to daycare or PreK4 programs

Looking to save time this link provides you a weekly lunch menu for creative ideas

I hope this will help inspire you to take charge of your child’s nutrition and not resort to those crappy school lunches!

Teaching Children the Value of Money

26 Mar

  photo source

Money is something everyone could use more of most days, however teaching children the value of money, hard work, and budgeting at a young age will most certainly help them succeed in life. These resources I believe can help children and teens learn an appreciation for money and to be wise with it. 

These books and tools are good for children home schooled and non-home schooled. For children that are home schooled it could easily be incorporated into an additional daily / weekly math lesson.

The Motley Fool: Investment Guide for Teens 

Dave Ramsey’s: Home Schooling 

Dave Ramsey’s: For Children ( ages 3 to 12)  and for Teens

and make sure to read this article written on Simple Organized Living they have a well written article on children’s finances 

Foreign Language

9 Feb

Have you considered your child ever learning a 2nd language. Here’s the key, you need a program that is proven and effective at teaching foreign language. Whether you’re a homeschooling parent, have a toddler, or have a child in school and you want to give that extra edge you should check out these foreign language programs.

These 2 programs are well reviewed by parents:


Little Pim

Remember it is easier the younger a child starts to learn a foreign language, it will give them a great skill set later in life and broaden their horizons for career potential.

Home schooling & Social Skills

1 Feb


Home schooling can provide a great education for your child, no doubt the class room size would be much smaller than any public school and they won’t have to compete with many other students for individual help / attention with their schoolwork. I also love home schooling because if its not in your budget to send your child to a private school you can still create a custom tailored curriculum for your child for a lot less money and it will most likely supersede the education at your local public school (unless your school is in the top 100 of the nation’s public schools  I completely understand why you would want to home school your child, even then only you are truly vested in the child’s future like no other.)

However, a challenge to home schooling has been and continues to be a lack of social activities and interaction for the child. Siblings are an added benefit over being an only child, but the child still needs to learn how to interact with others outside of his/her family. Developing social skills and self confidence is very important, so here are a few tips to help your child have a social life while home schooling.

  • Make sure to sign them up for a sport in your local community (research local kid / teen leagues for your child to play on that are unaffiliated with a school)
  • Consider taking younger children to the library during movie viewings & group reading classes
  • Consider having your child involved at the local YMCA (often there are many classes for children / youth to attend in a variety of subjects, athletics, and there is also a summer camp that they can attend: day or away)
  • If you attend church, get your child involved in the group for their age (youth, pre-teen, etc.)
  • Consider your kid joining the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
  • Take them to the park (its free)
  • Go out once in awhile to a restaurant themed for kids (Chuck e Cheeses) where they can play with other kids their own age, who they don’t know

That’s enough for now I hope this will encourage you to see the opportunities for your child to be socially active