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Product Giveaway! – Make Sure to Enter Before 9/03

1 Sep

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to announce a product giveaway – this comes from Andrea over at Simple Organized Living  she runs a business and blog about organization/simplicity and is the proud mama of a little girl named Nora. 

I really hope all you mom and dads really enjoy this – and Good Luck! Below is what’s included in the giveaway:

  • Johnson’s baby essentials special pack
  • Johnson & Johnson tote
  • Neutrogena beach ball
  • Froggy wash mit
  • Bath tub toy organizer
  • Tub lights
  • Foam letters

Free Printables for You

13 Jul

Hi Everybody, I hope all of you are having a great summer! I am sharing with you today some FREE printables they are created by Lindsey over at Pretty Darn Cute Designs (she is a professional website & blog designer) and Mom & Wife writer. These are so cute and I think that you will get much use out of the 12 month printables, things to do and bill organizer all of which are free and the others she has only cost $5.00    

Saving Money on Baby Clothes

21 Jun

  photo source

Saving money is one of the most important things to do when you have a baby in the house or on the way.Buying designer clothes or any type of expensive clothing is just a waste because baby doesn’t know any better and will outgrow it soon enough. Not to mention the likeliness of a blowout or spit up on an expensive outfit. Why? Why pay so much for so little clothing and to wear something for so little time. Here’s the simplest tips I know of to save money on baby clothes:

  • If you have older children always keep their clothes washed and stored away that way when the next baby comes along of the same sex you don’t need all new clothes
  • Buy clothes that are larger (baby will grow quickly) plus you through in a diaper and the next thing you know 0-3 months often only take care of baby for the 1st month (just buy the 3-6 month size for your newborn)
  • Go to the thrift stores (Goodwill and Salvation Army make a great start) and buy lots of clothes for very little money (here’s my suggestion take $100 and go there you will be surprised how many baby clothes you can buy for that amount)
  • Go to garage sales
  • Don’t be afraid to swap clothes with other mothers and don’t be ashamed to ask (so you give her your child’s old clothes from your first son and she swaps you her daughter’s old clothes) very affordable
  • Go ahead and lie, there I said most moms I have ever known or read about complained (not trying to make them sound ungrateful) but made a valid point those that disclosed the sex of their baby to any friends or co-workers for baby showers found mostly clothes for gifts those that claimed they didn’t know or really didn’t find out found themselves receiving more baby blankets, diapers, bottles etc. Let’s face it as soon as someone tells people their having a baby and the sex of the baby people can’t resist all those cute little baby clothes. The choice is ultimately yours.

How to Store Baby Clothes

16 May

  photo source

Storing baby/child clothes can be a challenge, because people tend to get over cluttered and frustrated so they just give up leaving themselves with overstuffed closets and one big mess.  Now I know some professional organizers would say to donate, sell or get rid of the clutter- however when properly organized these garments will not be clutter in your home and stored properly they can be relocated to an attic, garage, or basement. If you end up having another baby down the road the clothes could come in hand saving you lots of time and money. Here’s my simple steps:

  • Sort all clothes
  • Wash/Dry all clothes – so they are clean for storing
  • Now you need some storage tubs with lids you can find them in a variety of shapes, colors, & sizes  (tubs are my personal favorite because they keep water, dirt, & bugs out)
  • Here’s where to buy tubs: Wal-Mart, Rubber maid online store, The Container Store, and Amazon
  • Also, you need 1 dryer sheet per tub (you will tape this to the inside of the storage lid) for a fresh scent
  • Don’t roll clothes, gently place them lying as flat as possible on one another – rolling will take more space and incur wrinkles
  • Label the boxes like you see in the above picture (sizes and items – visible to the outside of the container)
  • Make a separate bin for non clothing items (baby wash clothes, towels, crib sheets, blankets, etc)


This project may take a day or two but its well worth it and make it fun have your kids help sort clothes and carry them to the washer

Walmart’s Deals

23 Jan

Saving money is very important when your having a baby, and its very important to not waste money on things that are disposables (like diapers) so its important to find the BEST deals on these items.

Today, I am bringing you I Heart the Mart – its a website ran by Paul, who’s a father of 7 kids and he runs this website, updating you on all the best coupons available at Wal-Mart, but also the pharmacy stores (think CVS, Walgreens). Paul’s site is great because he really explains how couponing actually works, what can be combined to give you the best discounts and online promotions.

These deals extend to all categories: groceries, beauty, toys, electronics, etc.

Remember when something goes on sale like diapers, buy plenty because its not a perishable item, and you can store them easily in a closet or under a crib.

Bloom Fresco High Chair

19 Jan

  Photo Source

I just LOVE this high chair take a look at some of its great features

  • It works for newborns to 6 months in a cradle type position
  • It works with both breakfast bar & counter heights
  • It can support up to 79 lbs
  • Comes with a feeding tray & play tray (dishwasher safe, yay more time with baby)
  • Has safety harness
  • The base unit comes in two colors: black or white
  • Many colors to choose from: Orange, Blue, Red, Grey, Pink, Green, Black, White, Brown, Solar, and Lunar
  • This highchair is super modern & stylish

This is an item to splurge on (I will be talking more about Splurge vs Save items in future posts) because you can use it with all your children, it grows with your child, and its super stylish. Not to mention when you have no more little ones you could always sell it on eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon.

If your interested in this Bloom Fresco High Chair check out more details here