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Saving Money on Baby Clothes

21 Jun

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Saving money is one of the most important things to do when you have a baby in the house or on the way.Buying designer clothes or any type of expensive clothing is just a waste because baby doesn’t know any better and will outgrow it soon enough. Not to mention the likeliness of a blowout or spit up on an expensive outfit. Why? Why pay so much for so little clothing and to wear something for so little time. Here’s the simplest tips I know of to save money on baby clothes:

  • If you have older children always keep their clothes washed and stored away that way when the next baby comes along of the same sex you don’t need all new clothes
  • Buy clothes that are larger (baby will grow quickly) plus you through in a diaper and the next thing you know 0-3 months often only take care of baby for the 1st month (just buy the 3-6 month size for your newborn)
  • Go to the thrift stores (Goodwill and Salvation Army make a great start) and buy lots of clothes for very little money (here’s my suggestion take $100 and go there you will be surprised how many baby clothes you can buy for that amount)
  • Go to garage sales
  • Don’t be afraid to swap clothes with other mothers and don’t be ashamed to ask (so you give her your child’s old clothes from your first son and she swaps you her daughter’s old clothes) very affordable
  • Go ahead and lie, there I said most moms I have ever known or read about complained (not trying to make them sound ungrateful) but made a valid point those that disclosed the sex of their baby to any friends or co-workers for baby showers found mostly clothes for gifts those that claimed they didn’t know or really didn’t find out found themselves receiving more baby blankets, diapers, bottles etc. Let’s face it as soon as someone tells people their having a baby and the sex of the baby people can’t resist all those cute little baby clothes. The choice is ultimately yours.

Wooden Letters for Bedroom

27 Mar

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Are you looking for letters that can be used in your baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom?

Here at Craft Cuts you can buy any letters to spell out a name (Anthony or Angela ) or maybe a room’s purpose (laundry). You can choose from a variety of painted, unpainted, and hanging letters.

Baby Diaper Bag

19 Mar

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Are you in search for the perfect baby bag? Something sturdy, will fit plenty of stuff, and yet be able to be used from one child to another. This bag while not technically a diaper bag I think it could work much better than most out there on the market. It also comes in a variety of color options and the ability to monogram. Finally, you can also choose the size: small, medium, large, or extra large. 

Baby Play Yard

8 Mar

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Why are baby play yards great? So many parents debate if they should buy one- let me tell you if you have the extra cash buying a play yard or play pen can be great. If money is tight go ahead and hold off I am betting you can find one at local garage sales or Craigslist just be patient and you will eventually find one real cheap. You can purchase the one I featured above on Amazon. For those of you wondering how much use you’ll get of it then I suggest these uses:

  1. Its great to set up at family & friends houses when visiting whose homes aren’t baby proofed
  2. It lets baby play in a safe space while your cooking family meals
  3. A play yard is great because you can set it up in any room or move around the house as needed
  4. Also, allows you to have time to sit with a book while baby plays in your living/family room together
  5. Helps Mommy Bloggers to type while baby is in the same room with her and still has an ability to see baby being safe and having fun

Bumbo Baby Seat

7 Mar

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Here is the Bumbo Baby seat which is very popular with parents because it helps babies sit up and interact more with their family. Read more about it here and look at the many colors it comes in. It is easy to keep clean and carry along to grandparents and friends houses.

Bathing Safety for Baby

5 Mar

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Having fun while getting clean in the tub can be great fun for baby, so today I am sharing a few ways to keep baby safe while getting clean and which will make any mom or dad happy. Here are 2 inexpensive items to use when your bathing baby.


Spout Cover  – Spout covers help protect baby from the hard metal spout

Drain Stopper – Helps keep baby’s fingers safe and keeps water sealed from draining

Another suggestion is to get a safety slip resistant mat for both inside & outside the bath, approximately 120 children 4 and under each day are hurt in bathing related accidents.


Dry / Wet Bags

1 Mar

Today, I am discussing the many uses for a dry / wet bag with little ones. Feel free to use these bags for any other uses you come across and share them with us.

  • Wet wipes
  • Dirty Diapers
  • Children’s swim suit
  • Traveling with kids clothes
  • I also like this for keeping liquids in the baby’s diaper bag separate from other items (sanitizer, lotion, baby’s lotion, etc.)

I have suggested 2 bags below both of which are easily found on Amazon.

Planet Wise

Kanga Care

Perfect First Aid Bag

18 Feb

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When you have children it’s important to make sure you always have on hand all the things necessary for when an emergency comes up. You need a first aid kit that is going to have everything in 1 place, making it less stressful for you when baby has a boo-boo. Also, do your best to keep calm, (at least in front of your child)  this is hard because your little one means the world to you, and seeing them hurt is awful but if your panicky or stressed out it will make your child more scared and worried.

Also consider taking the time to get CPR certified. If your looking for the perfect First Aid Kit find it here on Lesley Carter.

Baby Head/Body Support

16 Feb

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Supporting baby’s head and body when very young is extremely important, you don’t want anything to cause discomfort to your bundle, but you also don’t want anything to compromise the baby’s safety. The Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Head & Body Support is a wonderful thing to have.

  • You can use it in a car seat, baby stroller, or baby swing
  • Has two reversible sides for warm / cold weather
  • You only need to buy this once and then use it with all your children (its one of the items I love because you can use with either gender and will only be a 1 time purchase – saving you some money)

Bottle Drying Rack

15 Feb

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Here is the Boon Bottle Drying rack (or should we say grass), either way this rack will help drain water and dry baby’s bottles and bottle parts. It can accommodate many pieces but has a low profile so its easy to place on your counter-top under any upper cabinet. This is an easy 2 piece item for assembling and cleaning, its also BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.