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Product Giveaway! – Make Sure to Enter Before 9/03

1 Sep

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to announce a product giveaway – this comes from Andrea over at Simple Organized Living  she runs a business and blog about organization/simplicity and is the proud mama of a little girl named Nora. 

I really hope all you mom and dads really enjoy this – and Good Luck! Below is what’s included in the giveaway:

  • Johnson’s baby essentials special pack
  • Johnson & Johnson tote
  • Neutrogena beach ball
  • Froggy wash mit
  • Bath tub toy organizer
  • Tub lights
  • Foam letters

Wooden Letters for Bedroom

27 Mar

   photo source

Are you looking for letters that can be used in your baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom?

Here at Craft Cuts you can buy any letters to spell out a name (Anthony or Angela ) or maybe a room’s purpose (laundry). You can choose from a variety of painted, unpainted, and hanging letters.

Pregnancy Essentials from Whole Foods Blog

17 Mar

So today I was reading this article on the W.F. Blog and it got me wondering what are your pregnancy essentials, please post a comment and share one thing or a few things that you just couldn’t live without during pregnancy.

Baby Play Yard

8 Mar

  Photo Source

Why are baby play yards great? So many parents debate if they should buy one- let me tell you if you have the extra cash buying a play yard or play pen can be great. If money is tight go ahead and hold off I am betting you can find one at local garage sales or Craigslist just be patient and you will eventually find one real cheap. You can purchase the one I featured above on Amazon. For those of you wondering how much use you’ll get of it then I suggest these uses:

  1. Its great to set up at family & friends houses when visiting whose homes aren’t baby proofed
  2. It lets baby play in a safe space while your cooking family meals
  3. A play yard is great because you can set it up in any room or move around the house as needed
  4. Also, allows you to have time to sit with a book while baby plays in your living/family room together
  5. Helps Mommy Bloggers to type while baby is in the same room with her and still has an ability to see baby being safe and having fun

Bumbo Baby Seat

7 Mar

   Photo Source

Here is the Bumbo Baby seat which is very popular with parents because it helps babies sit up and interact more with their family. Read more about it here and look at the many colors it comes in. It is easy to keep clean and carry along to grandparents and friends houses.

Bathing Safety for Baby

5 Mar

  Photo Source

Having fun while getting clean in the tub can be great fun for baby, so today I am sharing a few ways to keep baby safe while getting clean and which will make any mom or dad happy. Here are 2 inexpensive items to use when your bathing baby.


Spout Cover  – Spout covers help protect baby from the hard metal spout

Drain Stopper – Helps keep baby’s fingers safe and keeps water sealed from draining

Another suggestion is to get a safety slip resistant mat for both inside & outside the bath, approximately 120 children 4 and under each day are hurt in bathing related accidents.


Diaper Bags for Dad

4 Mar


Sometimes it can be hard to find a diaper bag for dad, so many come in styles and patterns that work well for women but most men don’t feel comfortable carrying. Another problem is the design, men often look for a more simple design so here are some resources to finding men’s diaper bags.

Men’s Diaper Bags from Rosenberry Rooms

Men’s Diaper Bags from DadGear



Baby Feeding

3 Mar

Are you looking for feeding items for your baby to make life a little simpler. For those of you looking for some spoons for baby’s food look no further than these Munchkin spoons they’re BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe. They come in 6 and 12 packs on Amazon.

Also consider getting plenty of bibs that way you can just toss them in the laundry and not worry about baby’s clothes getting dirty, but here you can look at the BabyJorn Bib (these bibs are good for feeding times because it won’t seep through and mess up baby’s clothes).

glass baby food containers (before you ask me why I shared these glass ones) the same reason I prefer glass food containers for adults (dishwasher safe, BPA free, don’t trap odors, etc). These are a 4 pack and come in a variety of colors and are great for making food and freezing ahead time.

Dry / Wet Bags

1 Mar

Today, I am discussing the many uses for a dry / wet bag with little ones. Feel free to use these bags for any other uses you come across and share them with us.

  • Wet wipes
  • Dirty Diapers
  • Children’s swim suit
  • Traveling with kids clothes
  • I also like this for keeping liquids in the baby’s diaper bag separate from other items (sanitizer, lotion, baby’s lotion, etc.)

I have suggested 2 bags below both of which are easily found on Amazon.

Planet Wise

Kanga Care

Cloth Wipe Solution

23 Feb

  Photo Source

Making your own cloth wipe solution is great for baby because you can custom create the solution and tailor it to different needs. Its also very cheap to make your own baby products, many store bought items labeled “baby” just cost more in general and not many are organic or even close to natural with all the chemicals in them. So make your own solution its safer and cheaper – here is a great resource to help you get started.