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Product Giveaway! – Make Sure to Enter Before 9/03

1 Sep

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to announce a product giveaway – this comes from Andrea over at Simple Organized Living  she runs a business and blog about organization/simplicity and is the proud mama of a little girl named Nora. 

I really hope all you mom and dads really enjoy this – and Good Luck! Below is what’s included in the giveaway:

  • Johnson’s baby essentials special pack
  • Johnson & Johnson tote
  • Neutrogena beach ball
  • Froggy wash mit
  • Bath tub toy organizer
  • Tub lights
  • Foam letters

Cloth Wipe Solution

23 Feb

  Photo Source

Making your own cloth wipe solution is great for baby because you can custom create the solution and tailor it to different needs. Its also very cheap to make your own baby products, many store bought items labeled “baby” just cost more in general and not many are organic or even close to natural with all the chemicals in them. So make your own solution its safer and cheaper – here is a great resource to help you get started.