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Free Printables for You

13 Jul

Hi Everybody, I hope all of you are having a great summer! I am sharing with you today some FREE printables they are created by Lindsey over at Pretty Darn Cute Designs (she is a professional website & blog designer) and Mom & Wife writer. These are so cute and I think that you will get much use out of the 12 month printables, things to do and bill organizer all of which are free and the others she has only cost $5.00    


Keeping a Nursery Inexpensive

25 Apr

  photo source

With the economy as bad as it is and the unemployment rate not improving I think its most important to remember what babies need versus want and what they need is love, good health, and a few basic essentials to keep them safe while sleeping, eating, bathing and playing. Today’s article features some basic ways to maximize savings and have a wonderful nursery. I am sure this will work within everyone’s budget:

  • Paint – it really does wonders to a wall and for very little $, plus I love paint because its a simple DIY project (consider taping the wall for some stripes) – shop around for price just make sure the paint is NO VOC in the nursery.
  • Consider buying any item on sale and repainting it yourself – if you find the perfect lamp, chair, dresser at some estate/garage sale feel – just sand and spray paint it sometimes people will spend more $ on an item that is the perfect color and it can really add to the price of your nursery
  • Don’t buy expensive crib bedding – look for sales I always say start shopping as soon as possible so you have the longest amount of time to find the best bargains
  • Consider buying used clothes  there’s no shame in go to your local thrift store and buying lots of baby clothes on sale there, also check out the Goodwill and Salvation Army their baby clothes are very inexpensive make sure the clothes have no rips, holes, tares, or stains.
  • Consider using an adult’s dresser and just adhering the changing topper to it for a cheap changing table then when baby outgrows it you can remove it and still use it
  • As far as decorating goes pick a color scheme is easier to find bargains then let’s say a specific theme (Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh)
  • If your having a baby shower a hint people who told their guests the sex of the baby ahead of time were more likely to receive lots of clothes, onesies, socks, etc. Moms to be who said they were keeping the sex unknown (at least to guests even if the mom/dad to be knew) received less clothes and more diapers, baby car seat, high chair, etc. Why? Because most women going to a baby shower hate to buy the green/yellow neutral colors requested for “unknown” sex they rather buy that cute little pink dress or blue coat.
  • Don’t buy things labeled “baby” because often they are overpriced (e.g. The Diaper Genie and what not, if you want a trash pale in the babies room a simple stainless one like this will do just fine)

Please share anything you did for your baby’s nursery that you saved money on

What’s the One thing you splurged on in your baby’s nursery?

10 Apr

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Nurseries are those things that some parents go overboard and buy every single gadget and end up not using most of it, there’s of course  the tried and true products each parent needs (crib, car seat, high chair) and other parents are overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to them. Obviously nurseries can be done on very affordable budgets and some parents are very diligent about sticking to a budget others don’t even know the term budget exists (and no I don’t mean the wealthy, normally its people who just go to the store and keep buying every new thing they see.)

Is there one thing that stands out in your mind that you splurged on in the nursery?

Was it worth it, I know the term splurge is obviously relative so I was hoping you would share what the item was, how much it cost and if you had to all over again would you buy it again. I am hoping this will be helpful to other parents so please share your comments below.


Wooden Letters for Bedroom

27 Mar

   photo source

Are you looking for letters that can be used in your baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom?

Here at Craft Cuts you can buy any letters to spell out a name (Anthony or Angela ) or maybe a room’s purpose (laundry). You can choose from a variety of painted, unpainted, and hanging letters.

Owl Decorations & Accessories

29 Feb

Owls are so cute and smart and don’t they just look adorable in a nursery. Now sometimes its hard to think outside traditional nursery themes so today I am featuring owls. Look to these pictures to create your dream nursery.

First up is this owl clock featured on Etsy it costs $68.00 but it can stay with your child a lifetime because its not getting used and worn out

   Photo Source

Try a mural on the wall it can really brighten up a nursery and add some flare to the room – just research “owl nursery murals / decals” I have also seen them pretty cheap in my local mall that has a decal and accessories store

   Photo Source
Next up consider this cute little owl stuffed toy (comes in Blue, Green & Pink and costs $7.00)  from Etsy

   Photo Source

Remember you can go as bold or subtle with a theme as you want – consider Lamp 1 as Bold and Lamp 2 as subtle

    Photo SourceThis Lamp retails for $138.00 at Rosenberry Rooms

Or maybe you desire a more subtle lamp from West Elm which retails for $99.00

   Photo Source


next up is an easy DIY project (and cheap) make your own Owl Cork Board to post baby’s photos on in the nursery, its relatively simple just search how to cover a cork board with fabric and then of course you can use the owl fabric of your choice

consider buying some fabric organizers to store diapers, baby wash, wash cloths, etc. These look so cute in the owl patterns and later on you can store books in them when your child is older.

   Photo Source – You can buy these on Etsy from Baffin Bags

Hope this inspires you create one Hoot of a Nursery!




Nursery DIY Project

28 Feb

   Photo Source

Are you looking for something really cute for your little one’s nursery and also something affordable? Well I have the perfect DIY project for you head over to Le Zoe Musing to find out how to create your own inexpensive version of the photo illustrated above.

I hope this inspires you and if you already have an older toddler let them help you with this project for the new baby.

Modern Nursery on a Budget

22 Feb

Modern nurseries can be so beautiful, there are so many countless options on how to do a modern nursery, but one thing persists that modern nursery furnishings can often be quite pricey. When looking around so many items are more expensive than the non-modern counterparts. If you love a modern nursery know that it can be within reach as long as you do some research and planning.

My very first tip for shopping (this can extend beyond nursery furniture, I do it with all my furniture shopping) is bring your camera. Take a photo of the item, then jot down the dimensions (height, width, depth – and what way a door swings) and the price.  This will help because often people tend to buy whatever they come across first, thinking they won’t find anything else they like.

These photos should serve as some inexpensive modern nursery inspiration, to help you build the nursery of your dreams.

First up the Sundvik crib from Ikea it retails for $119.00 its white which is great for both genders and works with so many color schemes

   Photo Source

Go to a fabric store, like JoAnn’s pick some modern fabric patterns and then re-upholster an old chair for your nursery. An old chair in a style you like can look completely different when re-upholstered, so pick a comfortable chair because with new fabric it will take on a whole new life. Choose to re-upholster an ottoman (no sharp edges) as well it will be great to put your feet up and will also be extra soft down the road when baby is crawling / standing in his/her nursery.

   Photo Source

Next tackle paint – try something creative by painting wide stripes in a horizontal pattern or vertical if you don’t have tall ceilings

  Photo Source

Consider using items that aren’t labeled “baby” this will keep the price down – one example is to buy some modern wall shelves to then display photos of baby or buy picture frames (wood not plastic) then spray paint them any color you like go for modern colors to pick up the overall color theme within your nursery.

    Photo Source

For storage buy items that are affordable and already modern in design – this is especially important if you have a 1 bedroom place, or if your using a den to be the baby’s nursery in lieu of a 2nd bedroom this is fine, except for normally the lack of closet.

This wardrobe can be used as a great baby’s closet for those rooms without any. It’s the Stuva from Ikea and retails for $222.00

  Photo Source

Well, I really hope this post has encouraged you to tackle an affordable modern nursery.

Children’s Classic Book Set

22 Jan


  Photo Source

Are these books just gorgeous? Can you see them in your child’s nursery or on your toddler’s bookshelf?  This would also make a great gift for a birthday or any holiday. These books are also great functional decoration in a baby/toddlers room

This collection includes:

  • Peter Pan
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Story of King Arthur and his Knights
  • The Swiss Family Robinson
  • Treasure Island
  • Black Beauty

this can be purchase at Barnes and Nobles

Baby Nursery Decor

15 Jan

Choosing the nursery decor can be challenging at times. If you don’t know the sex of your baby then consider a neutral color scheme that will lend itself to further color choices down the road.

Consider the following options:

Boys: Blues, Greens, or even themes (Noah’s Ark, Jungle animals, etc)

Girls: Pink, Lavender, Lilac or a theme (Little Bears or Flowers)

Unknown: Consider doing the crib linens in white as well as any curtains or opt for a neutral color like beige/brown then when your little one is born you can easily add pink or green accessories both which go really well with a beige/brown color scheme.