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Free Educational Resources & 17,000 Free Downloads!

5 Aug

Its safe to say that one of my favorite things is to help share free resources because I think people in general are so unaware how many completely free resources exist out there. Also I know plenty of people really don’t know how to search and find the free resources that are out there so they’re left out of ever getting to use them because they don’t know how or where to look.

Go here to view what interests you and to be able to download the FREE Resources.

Also please note things like the Online math – provide free grading  but if you click on the online math you can also choose the option to work offline which will open the worksheet in your browser and allow you to print it.


Free Illustrated Books and Flashcards

3 Aug

Here’s some more handy resources that are completely free! In my search of free endless resources I have compiled a list of two more items that I think will make you happy. These illustrated books and flashcards are completely free you download and print whatever ones interest you and your little. I found this great site which specializes in educational materials and they offer several free items which I feel is great especially with today’s economy and tighter budgets. 

Learning Tools for You Little Ones (for Free)

2 Aug

HI Everybody, I am sorry my updates have been a little slow and far between this past month but I assure you I have lots of good postings coming up. First off I decided that since kids will be starting school again pretty soon (bummer I don’t know where the summer has gone I am shocked its 8/2 when writing this) I decided to feature some items for those of you who are  home school parents or just parents looking for extra resources to develop your little ones mind beyond the classroom or to get them better prepared for K5 even if you can’t afford a traditional PK-4 program. So here goes:

Alphabet Posters A-Z download here

Handwriting Practice Sheets download here – I know you can purchase these in the store but here there free 

Number Posters 1-5 download here

Number Posters 6 -10 download here

Number Posters 11 – 15 download here

Number Posters 16 -20 download here


Great Books to Supplement Curriculum

8 May

  photo source

Are you looking for some great resources to help teach your child outside of their present curriculum?

Maybe your looking for a more in-depth learning or perhaps just to have some additional resources to pull from. These books are perfect for both the home schooled child or school educated child. Many parents have found these books easy enough to use at home for children that might have struggled with classroom instruction.

The Blue Back Speller by Noah Webster – for  5 generations this book was used in schools to help teach children to read & write

McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers by William McGuffey – many parents have used these books to help teach their children to read when they were struggling learning in class room techniques

Math Fables by Greg Tang – helps children learn beyond just counting



Bento Laptop Lunches

2 May

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Kids need healthy lunches to help give their brains the strength the focus on their studies and their muscles the ability to partake in school sports. The solution – check out these Bento Box Laptop Lunches

Often parents resort to the trusty sandwich because they feel they have no other options, since many schools don’t allow kids to heat up lunches (this would make it hard to pack leftovers from dinner the night before.)   And what’s not to love about these lunch containers: they’re made in the USA, free of toxic substances, recyclable and made to last, plus they’re easy to keep clean. Why should you purchase these for our kids:

  • They can use them at school but you can also use them during family outings like picnics, at the parks, camping, etc.
  • You get to customize each kit (so you can color code them to each child so you can easily identify each child’s lunch)
  • Great for long car rides when your visiting family & friends save money on the drive thru and pack their lunches for that road trip
  • They’re great for toddlers going to daycare or PreK4 programs

Looking to save time this link provides you a weekly lunch menu for creative ideas

I hope this will help inspire you to take charge of your child’s nutrition and not resort to those crappy school lunches!


18 Jan

  Photo Source

Homeschooling is NOT for everyone, it will take discipline, dedication, time management, organization & a commitment from BOTH the child (student) and the parent  (teacher).

It is important to recognize that when adequate studies are not provided it is the child that suffers. I stress this because I saw first hand what happens when people home school and do not actually teach their children. When I was in the 6th grade we had a family that enrolled their children in my school and the mother had previously home-schooled the children, rather than focusing on their education though she assigned a lesson plan then went to the hospital and worked as nurse, she rarely ever checked to see if the children were doing their studies. Her daughter came to my school was 12 years old and placed in the 1st grade, as you see it is the child who suffers when parents don’t take homeschooling serious.

What to look for when homeschooling:

  • A curriculum your comfortable with (religious, rigorous, on-line format, mix and match programs)
  • Is geared toward earning a H.S. diploma
  • Will help the child prepare for standardized tests for college entrance (ACT, SAT)
  • Has some support features built in (like lesson plans, calendars)
  • Consider networking with other home schooling parents in your community to provide your child with peer interaction

Here are some sites to get you more familiar with homeschooling and the many options available to you and your child:

Home Life Academy


Let’s Homeschool



Private Schools

17 Jan

Private Schools don’t have to be expensive and often offer partial to full scholarships based upon each schools offerings, endowment, and if you start saving a little money each month from when your baby is born, you too can afford a private school education for your child.

Private schools offer many benefits to children and something that you need to take note of when touring or researching are:

  • Student / Teacher ratio
  • Classroom sizes
  • Tuition costs and scholarship information
  • Extra-curricular activities (sports, clubs, honors classes, AP Courses, etc)
  • What are the athletic options as some smaller private schools have limited sports programs
  • College placement & matriculation (for high schools)

Check out Private School Review (here you can search by state, city, & type of school)

Check out GreatSchools (here you can read parents’ reviews on private as well as public schools)

Check out Boarding School Review (many boarding schools provide scholarships to reduce their tuition cost (partial or full)and can offer students many options for children’s education often gearing them towards exceptional college placement)

Charter Schools

17 Jan

Before enrolling you child in a Charter school you need to understand what a charter school is.

According to the National Education Association (NEA)

“Charter schools are publicly funded elementary or secondary schools that have been freed from some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools, in exchange for some type of accountability for producing certain results, which are set forth in each charter school’s charter.

NEA believes that charter schools and other nontraditional public school options have the potential to facilitate education reforms and develop new and creative teaching methods that can be replicated in traditional public schools for the benefit of all children. Whether charter schools will fulfill this potential depends on how charter schools are designed and implemented, including the oversight and assistance provided by charter authorizers.”

According to the National Education Association (NEA)

“Beginning with two charter schools in Minnesota in 1991, there were almost 3,000 charter schools by 2004, operating in 37 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and enrolling approximately 750,000 students.”

Search here for a Charter school near you.

Then make an appointment to tour the local school, get an admissions package to review, (if its a high school check its graduation rate), and take not of key important items:

  • Student / Teacher Ratio
  • Class sizes
  • Accredited teachers
  • Academic programs (AP courses, Honors classes, etc)
  • Look into the athletic programs to see what’s available to your child
  • Compare it to your local public school

Finding the Right school for YOUR Child

17 Jan

Children are the next generation, and most parents truly want their children to excel at everything they do. Wanting better for your children is a natural feeling for any parent, and so when considering a school you need to consider all the options.

  • Public School
  • Home school
  • Charter School
  • Private School

I understand the option of homeschooling is not available to parents where both parents work, or where a single parent is the sole supporter of the family.

Also, recognize that private schools are not all expensive and are not always out of the budget, as many provide partial scholarships – it is in the best interest of your child for you to consider applying and discussing any financial concerns and scholarships with the admissions department.

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