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Saving for College

7 Jun

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Most parents know that some day their little bundle will grow up, graduate high school and might pursue going to college. With that said very few parents actually make a road map for this financially. Going to college costs a lot of money and its not getting any cheaper. Here are some suggestions to help get you started. If you have a young baby or toddler now is the time to get started. The longer you have to save the better.

  • When your child is little make sure to save all monies given to them for birthdays and holidays (tell friends and family your toddler really doesn’t need another cute outfit) 
  • The younger you start saving means the longer you have to save / grow that college fund
  • Open a UPromise account – don’t buy items just for Upromise sake but a small percentage of purchases will go into a fund for your child this won’t take the place of traditional savings but will help add to it
  • Consider opening a Coverdell Education Savings Account (parents, g.parents anyone can contribute) or an Independent 529 account – not familiar with these learn more here
  • Consider using cash back options on credit cards to deposit “extra money / rewards money” into a savings account
  • Commit to saving a percentage of your monthly income for college savings now just like you would for retirement

Teaching Children the Value of Money

26 Mar

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Money is something everyone could use more of most days, however teaching children the value of money, hard work, and budgeting at a young age will most certainly help them succeed in life. These resources I believe can help children and teens learn an appreciation for money and to be wise with it. 

These books and tools are good for children home schooled and non-home schooled. For children that are home schooled it could easily be incorporated into an additional daily / weekly math lesson.

The Motley Fool: Investment Guide for Teens 

Dave Ramsey’s: Home Schooling 

Dave Ramsey’s: For Children ( ages 3 to 12)  and for Teens

and make sure to read this article written on Simple Organized Living they have a well written article on children’s finances 

Manilla Solves Organization

5 Feb

Being organized comes naturally to some others not so much…we live in a world where we get points for air travel, hotels, rewards for credit card purchases, while this is great it also leads to additional time tracking all these perk. This tracking takes time, and the paper adds clutter to already all the monthly bills you receive. Manilla will track your bills, rewards, and works with over 1,200 service providers.  Not to mention all this paper in so environmentally unfriendly and wasteful.

Tracking finances and money is the first step to understanding money so shouldn’t you get a better understanding of your family’s finances? Save time and money (Manilla is FREE and web-based) and go from this

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to this with Manilla

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Get your Credit Score for FREE

27 Jan

As many of you know Credit Scores are an important factor in obtaining a loan, and having a good credit score will help you get a loan with a lower interest rate therefore a lower monthly payment (car, house, personal loan, etc.).

So, today I wanted to discuss with you about obtaining your free credit report

  • First of all, EVERYONE is entitled to 1 Free credit score 1 time a year
  • You need to know how to get your free score in order to check it without it costing you a dime (too many programs charge you to see your score, or debit a monthly subscription charge). Here is how I get mine COMPLETELY FREE
  • Go to myFICO
  • Create an account (if your a returning customer you will just Log-In after the first time)
  • Then Select to Get your Free Fico Score (this will automatically enroll you in Score Watch which will COST $14.95 month if not cancelled within 10 days, minimum of 3 months)
  • You will now be able to view & print your credit score and report
  • After you have printed your credit score & report from 1,2 or all 3 credit bureaus, you need to cancel your subscription to Score Watch
  • I have NEVER had a problem canceling (you have 10 days to do so, this never is a problem for me I always have cancelled within 3 days since I just view and print all my reports I have no need for Score Watch)
  • How to Cancel is simple: Go to your account and Click on “Support Center” then select “Cancel my Subscription to Score Watch”
  • Understand once you cancel you will NO longer have ACCESS to your credit score & report so please print them beforehand
  • Then either call or use the online form to cancel, I have always used the online form and have never had any trouble (I have used this for several years and have never been billed once)
  • This here is the On-line form

The reason I do not pay for Score Watch or any other score monitoring company that charges is I use Credit Karma – its a web based, online completely free program that gives you a real financial snapshot and it provides you with a credit score and your report. You can log into your account and check your credit score as often as you want and it’s totally free.

I really hope these resources helps you and your family  (tell your friends too) to get on the right track to financial know-how and empowerment.